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Every year we are blessed with the opportunity to start anew. It is truly a time where we can celebrate the past year and create intentions to embrace fully, the year to come. If last year was filled with any pain, incompletes, or challenges, now is the time to begin to let them go. Conversely, it is a time to allow the success, achievements, and times of joy propel you forward into 2015 and rise up to your full potentiality.

Beginning the year with intention will always subconsciously steer you in the direction that you are meant to go. By knowing where you want to end up, you can begin to make decisions concisely to get you where you need to be.

It’s kind of like designing your dream hairstyle. We can all be caught in the day to day monotony of staying in our comfort zone and doing what we know. How many times have you sat in your Stylist’s chair and said ‘the same as last time’ or ‘just a trim’? Don’t worry we all do it in one way or another!

In coming weeks, you will hear from featured Artists on our Loyal Hair Therapy Creative Team. They are going to talk about trends, fashion, and what inspires them behind the chair. The intention is to inject some new beauty inspiration into your lives and to hopefully push you into your power zone. We have some truly amazing talent waiting to unleash even more of their passion, and ignite that inspired flame within you.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your ascension to inspired beauty in 2015:

1. Inspiration- 
This is the fun part and you’ve found the right place for it. Begin to scour the net, flip through magazines and pin on Pinterest. Don’t let your mind go into judgement during the inspiration process – mark everything and ANYTHING that perks your attention. You don’t need to create it all, and you might only like aspects of a style – the more the better!

2. Create a Mood Board- Mood boards are a key planning process in any creative photoshoot or fashion show, we use them to create clarity on the artistic vision. Do the same for your new look.  Start to pick the most inspiring pics you found during the inspiration phase and create a mood board showing the overall feeling of your new look. Don’t be limited to only hair and make up; architecture and fabric textures play a huge role in generating the feeling you create.

3. Make a Plan- Recognize where your passions and strengths are. Finding the right professionals to help you create your vision is key. You do not need to do everything yourself, in fact, we are often more effective when an expert sets us up for success and our job is to maintain their work. Search for inspiring Fashion Stylists and turn to your favourite LHT Hairstylist and Make Up Artist to put your inspiration into motion. Our team will always consult you to guide you in the direction towards your beauty goals. It’s important to note that not every goal is achieved in one session, and sometimes it can take 3 to 4 visits or even up to 6 months to reach your results… I’m sure you’ve heard this from your Fitness Coach before!

4. Stay Focused- Don’t lose sight of your goals and inspiration. Our minds can play tricks on us and impatience can set in. Use your mood board as constant re-focus to your goal. Hang it in your boudoir or walk-in closet to remind you of where you are going. Remember that your professional will recommend certain action steps to do at home and also how to maintenance with certain professional products – just like work outs these are key to your success.

5. Keep a schedule– Always stay regular with your sessions in the salon. When there is longer time between chemical services, additional steps are often required to get where you need to go. We always recommend pre-booking your next reservation before you leave the salon to keep yourself regular.

6. Enjoy the process- Remember to look at the flowers, breathe fresh air and celebrate this moment. Planning and progress is one step, but living and breathing happiness today will ensure tomorrow shines bright. Relax, trust, and enjoy your ascension – this day and this minute will never return again!
With that being said, thank you for spending these moments with us. We truly value you taking the time to read our blog and to support our Artists at Loyal Hair Therapy. It is with tremendous gratitude that we get to share in your beauty moments!

See you in this amazing year of 2015: The Year of Ascension!