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As February dawns and we re-emphasize the importance of celebrating diversity with the Pink Shirt Day and International Stand Up to Bullying Day, we must remember that this struggle is not something that is pertinent to a day or two; instead, it is an effort that each one of us are part of in order to unite against all kinds of bullying.

LHT Mission

Loyal Hair Therapy along with our media partners at 99.9 SUN FM and Bell Media, as part of our continued mission aim at taking the I AM ME campaign to a higher level by motivating people to believe in themselves and to be proud of their individuality. ‘I am Me’ is not just about discouraging all kinds of bullying; it is an impactful social transformation that needs to take place in this society for people who want to be different from the crowd and be themselves. With t-shirts and different kinds of fashion accessories we aim at collecting money and use it to help not-for-profit organizations and help bring about the social change that we wish to.

Take Positive Actions to Support Acceptance
I am honoured to be a new team member at Loyal Hair Therapy and I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people.  Growing up, I witnessed bullying in class, on the playground, and on the school bus. I remember feeling helpless, and wishing I could do something to help. I felt guilty that I did not do anything at the time, as I’m sure many of us do. There was no education at my elementary, middle, or high school on what to do when bullying was happening. Now that I am working alongside the LHT team, I believe it is my time to give back and empower others to be themselves.

With our ongoing campaigns and continuous efforts to inspire others and eliminate all sorts of bullying the goal of this campaign is to encourage people to believe in themselves and take pride in whoever they are.  The team at Loyal Hair Therapy and affiliate partners believe that the true beauty of an individual lies in his/her originality, thus our I Am ME targets each and every individual to be a part of this campaign and gather together to make people confident and proud of their differences and also to discourage and stop any bullying that is taking place around them.

Believe in Yourself

Knowing yourself and believing in yourself is just the first step that is going to empower you and help you raise your voice against any sort of bullying or discrimination that takes place. It is important to realize that you don’t have to change yourself to fit into the crowd. You are perfect the way you are and thus you need to hold onto your identity and be confident about it.

Our Campaigns

We have strived diligently in order to make the I Am Me campaign as viral as possible by planning and running campaigns that aim at encourage diversity. Our designed wearable t-shirts stating I AM ME are readily being sold, the proceeds of which are sent for The Kids Help Phone thus reinforcing our aim to help people around us with unity and team work.  We’ve got lots of exciting events in store for 2015 and are excited to share these initiatives with you throughout the year.


As part of our ongoing strategy to empower others to be themselves we are proud to present to you the” I AM ME TRANSFORMATION” contest which is in alliance with SUN FM. With this contest, a lucky winner will receive an “I AM ME MAKEOVER” every month based on an interesting criteria.

In order to be a part of this contest you need to share with us yours or someone else’s story who you believe deserves this for the person that they are and would want to be. Share with us your or someone else’s story in order to be part of this amazing award. Add some sparkle to someone’s life and help them make their life more beautiful and confident.

Join the “I AM ME” campaign and stand with us to bring about a positive change.

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