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Our glossy care solution for sensitive, colour-treated hair.

Reveals healthy, radiant hair with long-lasting shine.

DIAGNOSIS: Uneven colour fading - Lack of shine - Sensitized ends

TECHNOLOGY: System CaptureTM traps pigments deep within the fibre & fights the oxidation process.

RESULTS: Colour protection - Prolonged & more intense colour - Softness & shine

The Système Capture Advanced is now enriched with a chelators complex for an action on water particles, responsible for colour fading.

NEW CHELATORS COMPLEX: Sodium Citrate + Yuzu Extract + Lychee Extract: Neutralize water particles. Anti-deposit effect to reveal glazed shine.

Zinc gluconates: Stabilize the colouring agents in the hair shaft for a colour that remains vibrant and true for longer.

UV Filters + Vitamin E: A powerful blend with strong antioxidant properties that protects the colour against external aggressions.

Rice Bran Oil: Known for having emollient properties, it nourishes the fibre. Its surface-coating action furthermore enhances light refraction for intense shine.

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    Bain Chromatique Sulfate Free Shampoo Colour Treated & Highlighted Hair, 500ml


    Bain Chromatique is a colour radiance protecting shampoo for all colour treated or highlighted hair. The colour stays true and vibrant, the hair te...

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